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November 21, 2006


Cop Car

Ah, #93 was really a sneaky one. You saw the obvious--which I missed. Good for you! As to #91--you could easily have answered "Yes" and I would not have argued with you. I could have wondered about in that white-out until I starved to death (after eating the beef log that we had with us, of course) had you not had the directional sense to lead us out of there. I thank you, for that.


I believe that you have me confused with someone else. I have absolutely zero directional sense and I have no idea what you are talking about.

It is possible that I just have a poor memory, but believe me, it was pure luck, not directional sense, if that is the case!

Cop Car

Estes Park CO, April, 1979. We had just started walking cross-country when the light flurry turned into the fury of a blizzard. I was wearing my glasses, which were completely useless in such a heavy snow (they tended to drift over with snow); but, you were wearing your contacts. Not sure how much good the contacts did, since your eyes were probably closed against the snow, anyway, but you were able to lead us back to the road and car. Thank you.

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