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November 30, 2006


Cop Car

Build a new "Old Man" of Legos! Legos came out after my time, I think, and I don't believe I've seen the real thing; but, I know what they are. We had (and they still market) tinker toys. Don't know when Lincoln Logs came out--before Legos? But...I still have the domino-sized multi-colored tumbling blocks that my Grandmother H had at her house. We played with them when the weather was too bad outside or when it was dark (there's only so much that one can do for entertainment by coal oil lamp light!) Not sure how I ended up with them. Do you recall?


I'm not even sure what you are refering to - what are tumbling blocks?

Cop Car

Where you stand the domino-sized blocks on their ends--in a winding line--and then knock the first down so that it causes them all to "tumble" down.

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