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October 31, 2006


Cop Car

TypePad is being naughty. This is the second try.

Finding such bargains really stretches you dollar, doesn't it. Great finds. Maybe I should be out looking.

(Then I went on about some pom-pom junipers, but let's just wait to see if the original comment ever shows up. Too much effort to write it all.)

Cop Car

Well, I went out looking. Came home with 10 bags of cedar bark mulch and one Euonymus Golden (in a 1 quart container) for 15% off. I had to come home to get the wet mulch out of the car. Unloaded the mulch, went out to dig, spread some mulch, planted the euonymus, came in pooped.


In your area, you'll have to wait for the really good prices - seeing as fall has just started.

Fall has, well, fallen around here (and it can't get up). Winter is closing in fast.

Cop Car

Actually, I'm a bit late for snapping up great buys on desirable plants; but, the really desirable plants are normally at the nurseries which don't have great sales on shrubs and trees. Everyone has wonderful sales on annuals, though, few of which I ever plant.

I took the plants in from the well of the escape window in the kiln room, yesterday. First, had to cut about 50 stems that had been thrown out from the potted plants and had become rooted! I've watered what's left in the well and put a light covering of leaves on those plants to see if any of them will over-winter.

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