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October 20, 2006



best of luck to you.

Cop Car

Good luck, Bogie. It would be great if you could tele-commute most of the time. It would save you time and driving (and help the environment a little). Wish I had Access. I haven't been able to get even an Access reader to install correctly. As I am only a year away from replacing this machine, I am too cheap to buy the full-up version of Windows XP (I have the student version.)


One of the best perks you get from working at home is the clothing situation. A couple nights a month I have to play catch-up well into the night. I climb into my jammies, get out my oversized pink terry robe (if it's cold outside), make a mug of hot tea, and go to work. Even better, are those really early morning hours when you have to slip from a warm bed. You can keep the jammies just in case there's a prayer of getting back to bed. (There never is...but one can hope.)

I hope your project goes well.


I worked about 3 hours on database changes (I brought home a copy on my microdrive - will transfer the files when I get to work Monday) and another 2 hours on audit prep stuff (an internal audit I am trying to fit in before our survaillance audit Wed-Thurs).

The first 3 hours was in my robe, then I took a shower and got dressed, did some house work and laundry, had lunch, then back to the grindstone.

Unfortunately, I do very little work that I could actually do at home (or at least I would have to drive to work to pick it up before it could be done at home anyway). I get 20-30 work orders a day that have to be forwarded to the next person by the end of the day.

Cop Car

Fax machines are the answer, my dear. Yeah, I know. No one wants to take the time to attend to the faxing chores at the office (and oddly sized, or flimsy copy make life difficult for the fax machine.)

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