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October 21, 2006


Cop Car

Having installed IE7, last night, I see that it speeds up my internet/email loadings. Looking at your photos, I see how it does it--by degrading the quality. But...that's OK. When I click to enlarge a photo, the enlarged version is great quality! Your leaf is beautiful. That sourwood tree will give you many years of enjoyment...if you can just nurse it through its first few years. The hydrangea is striking, too. Well done! (You get the Mom's Seal of Approval for your choices and plantings.)

Cop Car

And, Wow!, on the penstemon.


By the way, that is a Smoke Bush in the second picture, with the spotted leaves.

Cowtown Pattie

What the heck is a sourwood tree and will it grow in our Texas zone?

Probably too hot...


Sourwood trees are native trees that normally grow from Florida to Pennsylvania. Although they are tolerant of a variety of conditions (including drought once established), they do best in moist conditions. They are slow gorwing and prefer part shade.

I may be pushing its zonage (zone 5 - but is it good for a cold zone 5 or a warm zone 5?). Here is where I got it from.

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