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September 28, 2006


Cop Car

Do you not keep your iPAQ employed at night? If not, it probably thinks that you don't love it--giving it 6-7 hours off out of every 24. The iPAQ at my bedside allows me to input an "appointment" for the morning or whenever--to remind me to do what I would otherwise forget. [Last night I input an appointment for 11:30, this morning, to remind me to grab some lunch for one of the instructors who will be instructing until 12:30. The "lunch bar" for volunteers closes at Noon, you see. The "lunch bar" stocks sandwiches--cold or microwavable--condiments, various chip snack packs, cooky pack, iced tee, and if we're lucky, baby carrots so that volunteers don't have to run out for lunch.]


thtas just sods law isnt it!


First I would have to get up and get my glasses from the bathroom then go into the den to get my Ipaq. At that point, I might as well turn on the computer. If I get that awake, where I could actually type something into the Ipaq, I will never get back to sleep either.

Cop Car

That is why my iPAQ is on the night stand. I would not get out of bed to make notes/appointments; but, reaching over to the night stand is no big deal. Besides, I use the braille system when I must arise during the night--so that the lights don't waken me more than is necessary.

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