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September 22, 2006



somehow i dont think youll be bored! that is one fantastic job well done!

Cop Car

The first photo is really scary--all of the work and implements of hard labor staring out at us; but, the progression of photos produces a huge WOW factor! What great, rapid progress you made. Wunderbar! As usual, you and WS have outdone anything I could conceive of doing, myself!

That said, this is your mother speaking: snuck? English came up with a wonderful invention, hundreds of years ago, called "regular verbs". They were invented to make it easy for people to learn a standardized version of the language. Where were you, on that day in 3rd grade, when they told you all about that? Snuck, indeed! (Wondering off in a huff....*giggling to myself*.)


Cop Car - Wondering off? Hmm, my English must be far worse than even my Mother thought - I could have sworn that should be wandering.


Cop Car

Good catch! My recovery: I was wondering where you learned to use "snuck"! Believe that one? My fingers got flummoxed. Sorry. As the old song says, "I wondered as I wandered."

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