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September 29, 2006


Cop Car

WhooHoo for the cats! Did you read King Rat? Perhaps you could have delicious stews from the mice & rats with which the cats gift you. Well...perhaps not. Sounds like you are, at last, having some good eating out of your hard-earned garden. Good show! Do you cover your carrots to extend the length of time you may pull them without their being frozen?


Winter... ick!

Covering the carrots is something we did when my grandfather grew them. Parsnips, too, where they have an even longer season to start with. At least one year he wintered them in the ground and had them to pick in March.


Never actually had carrots grow bigger than and inch, so never had enough to cover them. This year I might.


WooooHoooooooo for the cats!

I can't believe Cop Car suggested rat stew.

Cop Car

Buffy--What part of my "growing up poor" story did you not understand? Well, so, we were never so poor that we ate rat stew. The suggestion just goes to show that I am well read??!?


Buffy: King Rat is by James Calvell, the same author as TaiPan and Nobel House (yes, I read King Rat - I've read all his books several times). The lead character dines on mice and rats, to suplement his meager diet while he is a POW.

Cop Car

I've eaten rattlesnake, mountain oysters, wild game, bison, sparrow eggs, and alligator. As long as it is well prepared and cooked, rat stew can't be that bad, can it? (Just add a bit of your salsa!) BTW: Congratulations on getting 5 jars of salsa out of your late garden. It gives you something to look forward to on special occasions.

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