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September 18, 2006



Yes, thats right, Bogie. Show the pretty foliage so we can have even MORE tourists driving 15 mph down our highways this fall. :p


We're in luck TJ, nobody reads this except family, friends and New Hampshire dwellers, so I don't think there will be any added strain on the road system (or our nerves - LOL).



I'm going to have to rat you all out. That color is just amazing! Those of us who live in the Chicago area drive north into Wisconsin for early fall color, but I think maybe we need to recondsider and see New Hampshire!

Doesn't it look like fire creeping across the foot of the mountain?

Thanks for the pics, Bogie.


That's what I thought too - fire creeping across the mountain.

I won't tell TJ if you come up this way for leaf peaping - LOL.


*TJ diligently watches for Illinois plates*

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