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August 17, 2006



wow! shame there was no picture.


ok so i should have finished readin first! that is some weird looking thing tho.i can see where you might see a rodent, cat and dog resemblance. shame no one is interested enough to check it out. could be a whole new species.


Chows actually have a somewhat shorter muzzle than that, not to mention much longer hair. Some other differences too -- if you're curious, you can check the breed standard at the breed club's website. So I kinda doubt it's a chow. The really odd thing to my eyes is the almost conical muzzle, which is very deep compared to its length. My thought is that it's a weird mutt or possibly even a wolf-dog hybrid whose background includes one of the short-snouted breeds.


Yay for getting a picture! I thought it was weird when I saw the news earlier and there was no photo. It's not remotely as weird as the story had led me to imagine.


Bod - I didn't do the update until lunchtime (I read the online newspapers while I eat my lunch), so the picture wasn't up there when you first commented.

Wolfwalker - I know very well what chows look like. I probably didn't express myself very well - what I meant was the head reminded me of a chow mix. The hair length makes no difference; there is both a rough and a smooth coated chow - and have you ever seen a chow that is growing its coat in after shaving? However, as I mentioned, I was thinking chow mix, not purebred anyway.


c'mon where are the scientists?! youd think theyd be deperateto do dna testing or something. i NEED to know what this is!


I realllly dont know if that is a dog because i've seen a lot of dogs and I cant resemble this one to any dog I've seen before. (Even if it were a mix; it still looks like a strange but very cute animal.)

Nicholas Clark

I have the same dog but my dogs name is Baxter do you like your dogs what are the other kinds of dogs you have?

Dave G.

MuluiliDogs; a very rare; some say quarter canine, quarter wolf; quarter Northwoods Timber cat; quarter windigo; said to inhabit; New Foundland, Maine and Nova Scotia; last known picture hung in a Scotia Pub; but some say they saw one in a museum at Nunek; northshore; Indian House. A fierce predator that can easily handle a dog or wolf or bear; weighs 270+lbs. We talked to a policeman in Portland that said his whole family moved down to Portland after seeing one in the forest; their big, their ugly and Id plain stay away from that part of the state...


what is it?


That is deff. part Chow Chow! Theres a closer pic on another web page of the face and it has a blue/black tung just like a chow and the same type hair. Its a mix Bogie is right. With all this cross breeding (hybrid) you know there will be some weird looking animals coming from it. Poor thing!

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