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August 20, 2006



how lovely bogie. anytime youd like to design my garden feel free to come over....

Cop Car

It is amazing how well you do in photographing your flowers when I know the vision challenges you have. Wonderful! The photo of the tiger swallowtail on your phlox is particularly striking. That pretty pink lily is every bit as beautiful as the promotional photograph showed it to be. Well done! (And, thanks for the photos.)


You can't do much wrong with a point and shoot camera (except aim it wrong so it tries to focus on something other than you want to focus on - trust me, I have loads of pics of stuff that focus right).

As for composition - I am always disappointed that I can't get the picture I really want. If WS would take the garden pictures, they would be real gems!

Cop Car

My camera is also "point and shoot"; but, it balks, often--telling me that it cannot focus. (When shooting closeups, I set it to the closeup macro. Obviously, the camera isn't "seeing" what it is that I want it to focus on.) Didn't know about that particular talent of WS's. Get him to take some pics to share with us!


I wish my camera would balk - I waste a lot of film on lousy pictures!

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