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July 19, 2006



in the dark! hehe...sorry bogie, just had to.
glad its all up and running well.


Congrats on getting stuff that you like. I totally understand about the brightness. People at the Red Cross are constantly trying to turn on more light in the area in which I work, not understanding how that affects my vision.

I should think that the company would provide an ergonomic keyboard, on request, as a way to keep from having you off work/disabled for work due to carpel tunnel surgery. (Obviously, you are more of the situation than am I, though.) Even the Red Cross was able to dig one up for me during Katrina (I don't normally do enough input to need an ergonomic.) You are right that one takes a little getting used to, but that it is really neat once one does get accustomed. The bad part is the room that it takes up. Can't have everything, can we?


Carpel tunnel isn't the problem - I have a problem with my elbow that affects my wrist along the way. I'm sure they would by the keyboard, but first I want to make sure that it would do some good.

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