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June 28, 2006


Cop Car

From what I understand (very little!), it is better to rip suckers off of a tree than it is to cut them off. Something about the psychology of the tree. When a sucker gets ripped off, the tree doesn't try to re-grow it, as the tree does with a cut sucker. Is that an old engineer's tale?

Question: Are bush cherries edible? They taste OK, to me; but, I'd hate to go to the pokey for poisoning your father.


WOW....the fringe tree is gorgeous. The Japanese lilac must pack quite a punch to be able to knock it off the list!


Cop Car - I am unsure what you are calling a "bush cherry". Chokecherries and pin cherries are used for jam. Other "cherries" are inedible. But, I suppose if you have already eaten some, without any ill effects, then they must be edible.

Buffy - I believe that I have found a way to have both the Fringe Tree and the Lilac Tree. Of course, until WS takes down the existing trees and terraces the hill, I don't really what I really have to work with - that is why I am calling it my "dreamscape" and not my future landscape!

Cop Car

No, I haven't eaten the bush cherries--only tasted them (as have I tasted the chokeberries--I think that they are edible?) The only questionable thing that I've eaten is the leaves of the poke weed that I mixed in with chard from the "garden". Then, after we had eaten it, I read on the web that leaves should be stewed/boiled for hours to make them edible. I had thrown them into boiling water for exactly 2 minutes--just as I do any other fresh green. HH and I are still walking about. (Of course, they were not a large proportion of our greens.)

I have a miniature Korean lilac bush that's been ther 3 or 4 years. I've been considering taking it out--from disappointment. The blossoms are not in big clusters, but in tiny clusters. Deadheading is impossible! (At least, for one with my complete lack of patience.) I'll be anxiously awaiting photos of your lilac tree when it blooms!


You deadhead lilacs?

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