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June 18, 2006


Cop Car

Such gorgeous photos. You really do a nice job. As to the plants, 1) Thule tullips are absolutely gorgeous. I like the color combination. 2) Blueberry Ripple? Sounds like icecream, but looks beautiful. 3) How did you get the Evangeline lilacs to bloom so rapidly? How large was the bush, when planted? 4) Is "muscari" another name for hyacinths? They look about the same, to me. 5) The Antoinette does quite a stripe [sic] tease, doesn't it? 6) White Fire--another outstanding tulip. 7) I broke my neck looking at the Veridichi. Please tell me that the photo is rotated!

Thanks for the photos. Keep 'em coming.


2) probably is;
3) It was about 4 ft tall when I planted it - don't know how old. I planted 2 other lilacs last fall; one bloomed, one didn't.
4) Yes
7) Rotate your monitor not your neck!


I love that you paired the Antoinette with the iris and the hosta! It's amazing that the hosta leaves and the Antoinette were out at the same time.


Now you can't even find the leaves and stems of the Antoinette. That hosta is about 15 years old. It has filled since the picture was taken and is huge at about 4 feet in diameter. I should probably divide it up next spring.

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