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June 06, 2006



good grief thats a lot of damage!people complain about foxes tipping over their bins to get to food here but its not quite in the same league as your bears!

Cop Car

Bummer! How disappointing (not to mention disgusting) for you and WS to have gone to all of that work, only to have to abandon the effort. Abandonment is probably the only move you can make, at this point. If you were retired, and could afford the time, you would be able to put the feeders out for an hour at a time--when you would be able to keep an eye on them (and the birds). Keep your ears open, though, for all of the birds who will still be flitting about in the Audubon tract, as well as in your own.


How disappointing! We've had to deal with raccoons, but that's nothing compared to your bears. Too bad; I bet you were really enjoying the birds.


Last night we saw the flicker and the eastern kingbird (mostly insect eaters). They shouldn't be scared off by the lack of seed anyway. We also actually had a lone grackle in the yard last night - strange!

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