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June 19, 2006



WHOOOOOO you have a LOT on your plate!
I went green with envy over the three truck loads of loam. Your gardens must really be shaping up!

Our lilies have been in bloom about a week now, but none of them are as pretty as those you've shown us. I really want to add more to the mix. I love variety in a garden.

I hope the sunburn isn't too bad.


The loam isn't for the gardens, it is for trying to grow grass (again) You would think that we would give up - actually I have but WS hasn't.

The loam went between the patio, the walkway and the left iris garden to bring the level of the ground to within an inch or so of the the tops of the landscape timbers.

Oh, and the dumptruck is a regular 1 ton truck with a dump body on it (WS helped build the bed for a fried of ours, so he gets to borrow it when he wnats it). That doesn't translate to much dirt (3 trips netted only 9 tons - not even half of a true dump truck load).


Hey....It's more than I have access to. Dear Husband has a truck with a 14' bed...but it's a stake bed truck, and doesn't dump. I have to hire someone to bring in loads of compost and mulch. This last time they sent such a large truck that it ended up dumping the load in the spot where DH turns his truck around. They seemed to think they couldn't back up another six feet.

I haven't done a lawn in ages, and parts of ours needs to be refurbished. I'd like to leave it to DH, and this seems like the perfect time to bring it up! *G*

Cop Car

Buffy--You are E*V*I*L!! ; )

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