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May 23, 2006



Astonishing! WE haven't even had one yet, and here's NH reporting in. Bogie, it has to be your fault. Do the neighbors know you're from Kansas??


Unfortunately the neighbors do know. If I had a nickle for every Dorothy or Toto crack I've heard . . .

Cop Car

My Red Cross buds tell me that the pin that is most requested by their co-volunteers when they are working national disasters is one that is a "Dorothy-style" red enamel shoe, with pave red . They say that even the men want them (I suspect that the men actually want them as a take-home gift for their significant others, but who knows?) Many of the volunteers have 15-30 pins attached to the lanyard that holds their Red Cross ID badges, or to their Red Cross "Disaster Relief" vests. Those red shoe pins cost $7 each. When I thought I was going to work Katrina, down south, I bought 20 sunflower pins (with a Red Cross, surrounded by "American Red Cross Kansas", in the center of the sunflower) to take with me. I've given most of them away--even though I didn't go. One of the gals who (with her husband) goes on quite a few out-of-state assignments wanted some because they are out of stock, now. Your dad even wanted one! He doesn't wear the pins, you understand, but he wanted one--and got it, of course. (Do you suppose he wanted it for his significant other??? Hmmm....)

Cop Car

Oops. I couldn't think of "rhinestones" when writing the first sentence of the above comment--and--then forgot that I'd left a blank for it. The sentence should end, "...red enamel shoe, with pave red rhinestones." (You knew that I didn't mean "rubies"!)

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