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May 25, 2006


Cop Car

Good grief--your 1 mph stint is terrible. The worst I've ever been tied up in traffic was right in my own back yard. There was no way for me to get home from work for about 30-60 minutes because of the annual Derby Days Parade--that tied up the entrance into our subdivision that usually is available from Madison and tied up Rock Road (they stopped me at 87th street as I was trying to work my way home by way of K-15/Kay/Woodlawn/87th/Rock!) Well, and once I was stopped on Broadway, in Wichita, for 26 minutes--by a train that kept shunting back-and-forth. Your freeway traffic tie-ups are worse than California's. But--you trained on the Washington DC Beltway, so what's the problem? *snicker, snicker* (You had a mean mama!


we have been held up by a family of ducks crossing before. never an alligator tho!

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