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May 19, 2006


Cop Car

Good birding! You probably did see the towhee as a kid. At least, on my "house's life list" for Sunrise appears an entry for Western roufus-sided towhee. Don't ask what year: that would take too much digging. As I was picking strawberries, yesterday morning, a thrush serenaded me from the woods. Not sure what kind because it's been so long since I've heard them. Probably either a Wood thrush or a Swainson's thrush. If I hear it again (and have the time to do so), I'll chase it down to see what we have.


I've been hearing a wood thrush or veery out in the woods for the last couple of days. Usually I just get to hear bits and pieces because there is other noise going on at the same time. At some point I will get some quite so I can tell whose song it is!

Cop Car

Ah, the Veery--what a beautiful song it sings. That is one thrush whose song I believe I would recognize--even though I've not heard it since 1988. Funny how our minds work. I saw and heard the Veery while working in Pennsylvania--in Archbald. It was enchanting.

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