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April 26, 2006


Cop Car

My-oh-my but you and WS have been hard at work. Our irises started to bloom the other day, but not in great enough numbers to make a good showing. The bed that I put in under the pear and peach trees a few weeks ago will need to be re-done this fall as they were just more-or-less thrown on top of the dirt--leaving them too high, since the ground slopes away from them rather rapidly. (It was the "first digging" in that bunch of clay and I was more intent upon getting the pavers set into sand (between the irises and the lawn) than in doing right by the irises. Had to get the sand pile worked down and the pavers there for HH to run the mower tires on. I need to get out there tomorrow (have a full day, today) to prune the spent blooms from the dwarf lilac bushes. Also need to get more poison ivy taken care of (if I can stop scratching my arms long enough!)

Good to know about the Audubon Workshop as I receive their catalogs and have been tempted to order from them. Next time, I shall. Looking forward to more photos of your yard, this year.


I'm halfway between the two of you....

My Japanese iris leaves are up, but no blooms. It's too late to transplant them and still have blooms this season, but I may choose to move them anyway. That pod of iris has been aggravating me for years, so I might as well get the transfer over with.

Don't you just LOVE lilies?? I don't think I could have enough of them.


Buffy - I'll be digging up some of the daylilies around the fence at some point this summer. Although they have only been there 3 years, they are way too crowded. I'm also going to alternate red daylilies with the orange ones that are there, just to diversify.

Fortunately, I know of a couple of people that can use some daylilies, so I won't have to out-and-out murder them!

Cop Car - I don't envy you having to deal with poison ivy.

Cop Car

Thanks, Bogie. I tried to get in to see one of the local docs who keeps Saturday hours, yesterday; but, he wouldn't see me since I'm not usually his patient. My right arm is gross. I'm hoping that the dermatological clinic that I use will be open, tomorrow (I presume that the will be!) Maybe I can see the PA, there, who took off my carcinoma. I've an appointment with her to check that site out, in two weeks. I didn't think I needed medical intervention until it was too late Friday night. (You can guess that HH has been nagging me about it...but...he can't now as he is on the road to IL.)


That's what they make Minor Emergency Centers for! We don't have any of those up here, but I know they at least used to have them in your neck of the woods (made use of them a couple of times).

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