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April 23, 2006


Cop Car

Good going, Bogie!! I'm amazed at what progress you've made with leading WS toward computerdom--and using XP to get the drivers was a stroke of inspiration, if not genius. Good luck on the weather. We had a thunderstorm hit about two minutes ago. Just a couple of minutes before that, we had lured CC and Jelly in from the garage (they hadn't wanted to come in earlier, but I had left two of the garage doors "up" about 8 inches) and I noted that two barn swallows are hunkered down on the nails on the front porch (they just got in late last night or early this morning.) Why couldn't your 30 degrees average out with our 90s?


We set up my old emachine for the grandson. Just the thing for him to play around on, runs his games with no probs. And it's pretty forgiving of his shutting it down incorrectly, considering that it's running WindowsME.

If you figure out how to adjust the weather, let me know. It's still horribly dry here, and the few thundershowers we've have all have detoured around us.


Cop Car - some progress. I've been working on him for close to 14 years - not much to show for it. Ah well, for a complete computerphobe, I guess he is progressing.

Rita - at least we got 1 1/4" of rain out of the deal. We desperately needed that, so I'll live with the cold weather. It's supposed to warm up to high 50's today (it was in the mid 40's yeasterday).

Cop Car

Hmm...our high, today, is to be just 50. We, too, received about 1.5-2.5 inches (HH is asleep so I can't ask him for a closer number.)

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