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April 01, 2006


Cop Car

That is worrisome. You have it all, don't you? I know that Mom S took drops to control her glaucoma; but, that's about all I know of it. Please keep us posted (as if we could do something helpful!)

Cop Car

Happy Birthday, Bogie!!


Thanks for the BD wishes!


I just was diagnosed with KC and am looking for more information. It is in the early stages so I can continue to wear soft disposible lenses. The whole "transplant" idea sounds horrible... hopefully there will be some advances in the technologies. Any good websites you can share?


The one really good forum that I found is no longer around. NKFC is a good website for starters.

Hari Navarro

I have been following your blog for some time now. I also have Keratoconus and am very interested in how different people deal with this 'lovely' little problem.
I had not heard of laser being used to treat floaters... I must see if I can find out more about this. Do you know if the procedure has a name?
I have just set up a website and forum with the intention of covering all the treatment options (both traditional and evolving)... its a work in progress but you are very welcome to check it out. Its totally non profit and is owned and run from a patient point of view.
Hari Navarro


I will certainly be looking into this further!


Here is a link on methods of
treating floaters

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