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March 25, 2006


Cop Car

Well said, Bogie. Usually, it behooves us to attend at least a couple of meetings, before opening our mouths or closing our minds, in order to understand what's really happening. Unfortunately, too many of us ignore the process until we have a personal gripe and then barge in to insinuate ourselves into the process. This event probably gave you a whole 'nuther view of your clients.


oh dear how sad.


We don't use the Town Meeting system here in Illinois. My town has roughly 150,000 inhabitants, and our meeting might have to have translators present because a large number of the residents don't have a good command of English. We have our share of people like the two you've described. I imagine they can really bog down a meeting. Do even the largest towns in New Hampshire have town meetings? I can't imagine where we would hold our meetings.


Some towns have adopted SB2, which is where they vote for everything on the ballot (as we do for the school budget). Larger towns - Concord, manchester and Nashua - hold town meetings, but the mayer and aldermen set the budget.

You wouldn't actually need a very big space for a town meeting for a town your size; the larger the town, the smaller the percentage of people attend. For instance, we have roughly twice as many people attend our town meeting (70-80) as Concord does (around 30). We, at 2,000 people are much smaller than Concord (42,000) but have a much larger percentage of attendance!

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