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March 30, 2006



Oh, I could say something, but I won't, seeing as how your mood is.
Hope things picked up after that. BTW, how are the new contacts working out?

Wichi Dude

Why is my name coming out "Wichi"? Had to add the "Dude" back in. Hmmmm.

Cop Car

Your vehicle is big, but it isn't old and ugly; so you couldn't just push the other vehicle from here to next week, could you? (If you had your own ERV, you could scare the peewadden out of him with the claxton!)


theres always some smart ass to mess up your mood!
but what goes around comes around....maybe he broke down further up the road.


WD - New contacts are the same as the old contacts.

Cop Car - My vehicle is not that large, just a smaller, mid-size SUV and the other vehicle was bigger than me. The claxton probably would have made him drop his money all over the road and I would still be sitting there waiting for him to find it!

Bid - I can only hope!

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