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March 23, 2006


Cop Car

Don't leave us hanging. What "block part"? Is this an engine block, quilt block, building block, city block, mental block...? Good luck on the next 10 Wednesday mornings!


Keep us posted: maybe I can learn something too, without the effort of actually attending class!


My mother the Smart Aleck! That was Block Party not Part. Additionally it was a Mental Block (a 2 for the price of 1 type deal).

Jackie - Oh sure, make me suffer through being in class for 30 hours and the late nights for your benefit.

Cop Car

Wouldn't you know--block party didn't even enter my so-called mind. Thanks for setting me straight. Now the course title at least makes linguistic sense if not common. Thanks for the twofer. BTW: I like Jackie's idea of your teaching us what you learn. You could start an all-landscaping blog!

Cop Car

P.S. In defense of my previous suggestion, you must understand how your mother worries about how you handle your copious free time. *giggling all the way*


I am GREEN with envy! I really need to rework several beds here, and I have the help of a 10 year old and a 16 year old this summer. Now, if only I had a clue what to plant for the long term!


Buffy - How about you send me the kids as slave labor in exchange for the vast amounts of knowledge that I will obtain, retain (hopefully) and share with you?

CC - Yeah, everyone worries about my copious free time. I got the suggestion from the neighbor yesterday of how I should run for selectman next year (with those Monday morning and Wednesday evening meetings).

Cop Car

Do as I do: get your husband to take on the task. When a couple of people asked me to run for a spot on our homeowners association board a couple of years ago, I had them (with his permission) nominate Hunky Husband. Of course, back in the days when I was a stay-at-home mom and decided that I should run for city council, Hunky Husband beat me to the punch. He did a better job than I would have (or did, a few years later when I was elected) because he was willing to put a larger proportion of his time into it! (Not to mention the fact that he has more aptitude for such things.) I've been asked to run for select woman in one of the political parties, this year. Haven't really decided to do it, though. Maybe you could come do that (run for select woman) in my place?

Cop Car

With your business degree and your interest in local government, you really would be a terrific selectman! You definitely have a time issue to consider, though. Maybe sometime you'll have the time to seriously consider serving, if you aren't doing so this time.


The neighbor was kidding - after all he has never even registered to vote.

Additionally, I can't see work being very understanding about all the time I would have to take off.

And last of all, being selectman means politics and people that I have to deal with - not a good combo.

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