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February 04, 2006



hell what is wrong with companies that they do this?
i hope your job is enjoyable at least.


You have my best wishes for your next job hunt. I'd be looking under these circumstances.

Wichi Dude

See if you can locate this "last boss" and where they went. That company may have a use for your talents, and the "last boss" might put in a good word as well.


Buffy - I have been looking for a new job since the layoff occured last month.

WD - My last boss didn't go anywhere. They made life so miserable he quit without having anyplace to go to (that was why it was important that the company agreeed to term it a layoff).

Bod - Most companies that I have worked with have not been this way - this company is unique (and not in a good way).


I understand how you feel more than I wish to admit. I have only been at my job for less than a year and I have outlasted 5 Staff Development Coordinators (they hire people), 2 Administrators and I won't go on because it is SAD! Hope your search goes well.


I'm still waiting for for someone to officially tell me that my boss is gone let alone who is my boss now.

Cop Car

Drat! Missed another Super Bowl. This time I had a better-than-normal "excuse" (usually, it's something like "I must cut my nailes.") Hunky Husband was kind enough to share the bug that he had come down with. Other than fixing HH a bite to eat (ask him about it: it was funny), I spent the day in bed.


What a depressing story, but it's far from the only one I've heard lately -- and we're a little nervous over at my job too. It seems like corporate America is en route to a meltdown, but it's the regular folks who do the actual work that will be the ones to suffer.


Jackie - can't even blame it on "Corporate America". I work for a small, privately owned company.

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