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February 08, 2006


Cop Car

Well, I screwed that up. My Super Bowl comment is under "That Was Quick". At any rate: glad that you enjoyed the ads.

Wichi Dude

I liked both of those as well. But the one that knocked me out of my chair was the Fed-Ex one with the cavemen..."not invented"..."not my problem". Sounds like so many business decisions lately.
The sight-gag humor alone was worth it. I kept thinking, "Monty Python", afterwards.

"Whoa. Late hit."


Bogie - Budweiser Barn is the one that I enjoyed the most.
WD - You are SICK!


WD - gotta admit that the FedEx one had us roaring.

CK - That one had the "awe" factor, animals and a bit of humor; it couldn't go wrong.

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