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February 18, 2006


Cop Car

"Flinged"??? [From the article that you linked to: "“It more or less picked (the roof) up like a parachute and flinged it into the street,” said Ron Lavoie, owner and manager of Eastern Auto Body, located across the street."] Either Mr Lavoie is from our neck of the woods, where few are taught to speak the language, or a typesetter had the power cord wrapped around his/her neck!

Glad all is well with you and WS. Those winds aren't fun at low temperatures! We are cool, but not much wind, so are doing fine.


isnt that just typical!


CC - they were quoting the guy, which probably means he did say "flinged" instead of "flung". Around here we make up words as we go along!

Cop Car

Making up new words is how the language gets expanded. Personally, I would just as soon that all of our verbs were changed to the regular form (fling, flinged, flinged). This stuff of see, saw, seen, think, thought, thought, and am, was, been is for the birds (bird, birded, birded)!!

Wichi Dude

I am confuse, confused, confusedest from all this "I thought I seen a flinged birded" stuff.

Glad you are no longer in the dark Bogie. Not too sure about the rest of us though.


WD - All I can think of is Tweety Bird saying that now.

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