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February 14, 2006


Cop Car

Your process is similar to my own--except I weed out much earlier for plants that don't fit the intended environs. I have also learned to weed out anything that is advertised to "thrive", "spread over rocks", "readily naturalizes", or anything else that sounds as if its will to live means that it is invasive. I am still fighting the winter creeper and one of the sedums that I was stupid enough to pay to have planted when we moved here--and that are now taking over the world, including the woods back by the creek. Bah! Humbug! BTW: HH's second amaryllis is starting to bloom--an amazing combination of dark stripes (green and maroon).


i think i ould like a small magnolia tree in my garden..just a case of where to put it.


I don't even mark down totally unsuitable plants, but some plants that sound unsuitable in the catalog, will do really well in less than ideal conditions. Many times something that is touted as needing full sun, will do quite well in partly or even mostly shady areas.

I, unlike you, look for things that will readily spread and naturalize. I haven't found anything (even those called invasive) to be invasive in the environs that I set them in, Well, that isn't true, clover is truly invasive and will grow just about anywhere (and it pisses me off since I didn't plant any!).

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