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January 16, 2006


Cop Car

Thanks for a beautiful story (and the photos), Bogie. It brought tears to my eyes--especially since I remember Shilo so fondly, myself. Your dogs have always been great!

Wichi Dude

No Bogie, you didn't let her down. You did the best you could and gave her more good attention than she ever had before. Things happen and the best of us just can't do any more than that.
And she gave you some really great memories. I have a few of her as well.

Cop Car

Sometimes the only option that is available is truly awful for us to take. Thank goodness you and WS had one another. How else could you have got through such a bad time.


How fortunate for Shilo that you were there for her. She had your love and care for all those years after John abandoned her, and you gave her a good life.

It's never easy to put a pet to sleep. I've gone through the experience a number of times, and regret that I'll have to do it again. But, I know that my pets have had better lives while they were with me, and it's that consolation, plus the happier memories, that get us through the experience.

Thanks for sharing pictures of Shilo. She was a beautiful dog.


This is such a sad story... You're very brave to post it. Shilo was lucky to have you for as long as she did, and vice versa.

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