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January 16, 2006


Cop Car

No! No! Anything but that (cussing)! *laughing* I get enough of that stuff from your dad! Hope that it all works great, for you, and I'm looking forward to pictures of Shiloh (or, however her name was spelled).

Wichi Dude

If the printer showed up any other way, I'd be suspicious. Maybe even call out the bomb-squad.
Glad you got it up and running. Now lets see if it works. Be neat to see the older pics.


There was slight cussing until I figured out which software to use for cropping the pictures (unlike all the old scanners I have used, this one scans the whole document area THEN you get to crop to size). All in all though, it wasn't too bad.


I bow to a more talented computer user!

I see it worked, despite having to play around with it. I loved the pictures of Shilo. I would have had to pack it all up and send it back!

Cop Car

Buffy--Surely your step-son would have set you aright. I have faith in him.


Oh, yes, I have two sons who would have made it work for me, but if it was left to me, I'd pack the darned thing up and demand a working model. It's the principal of the thing as much as a matter of techno-idiocy. IF you pay what they request, they should sell you something that works! The first time round!


I was still waiting to send a bill to a customer, and I had waited a week for the darn thing to get here. If I had packed it up and sent it back, I would still be waiting!

However, I did know when I ordered the printer that sometimes it has problems installing the hardware (I read reviews on several different websites). I figured I was savy enough to work thru any problems if they arose, and otherwise the printer was rated very well. If I wasn't used to fixing computers, I would not have gotten this printer after I read about the potential problems.

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