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December 26, 2005


Wichi Dude

Gee, Kansas, now there is a stretch. I could see you living there.
Amish country? Well....that pushes the envelope of my imagination. You'd probably like the crafts and stuff, but live there? I dunno.
They'd probably have a "barn DROPPING" (on him) the first time WS cruised through on his sled. Or blew the dust out of the Harley's pipes.
Now the look on their faces when he fires up the bike would be worth the trouble though. Just make sure you and the camera are securely fastened to the bike before he does it. Makes for a faster get-away.
Shouldn't be hard to out run the horse and buggy. Though they ARE built for that terrain.


I must admit, I don't think WS or I are cut out for the Amish life. However, Amish do allow new technology, as long as the whole community agrees for the need. Maybe WS could convince them of the need for bikes and sleds.

Then WS could lead people on bike and sled tours of the mazes. I still can't imagine myself in a (gasp) dress everyday doing things like cooking and spinning - so I guess we will have to pass on that.


We must be products of our parents - I scored EXACTLY the same as you on the quiz!

Cop Car

You two must take after Hunky Husband. My answer is unbelievable!!!

People know you as: The Bohemian Gentrifier
Quote: "That crack house just needed a little paint."

Your score indicates that you are a city-dweller of the old-school. You like a dense, finely grained neighborhood with restaurants, churches and brothels all on the same block. Although you've never spoken to him personally, you know that guy Eddie down the street is a pimp and you're sure to tell your lame suburban friends about him at every opportunity, just to freak them out.

The bad news is that as more and more people like you move into your neighborhood it gradually becomes less cool and more expensive. Enjoy things while you can, because in 5 years you're going to have to move to the next 'hood uptown.

Examples of places you should live: Baltimore, Philadelphia


Dudette - Do NOT scare me like that!

Cop Car - I feel much better now!

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