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December 02, 2005


Wichi Dude

"Houston, we have a problem."

"Launch is a 'GO'. Repeat, Launch is a 'GO'".

Hope you get the mess cleaned up before it freezes. I know how cold it gets up there. Maybe better luck with the next one, unlike the vacuums.


just typical! and don't you always find that when one thing goes kaput others follow?


WD - I din't actually launch it becuase I thought WS might have some luck with it - wrong answer. So, I eneded up going for a new one. At least this thing lasted 5 years; it had a longer lifespan than any of my vacuums!

Bod - we have had a myriad of failures over the last year; the cook stove, dehumidifier (after only 2 months), the back foundation to the house (which is why we needed the dehumidifier), vacuum, propane tank to the cook stove, and now the steam cleaner. Heck, that's just off the top of my head of stuff that has happened since the end of March - I've probably forgotten a thing or two that should be on the list.


When we built our house, I had naively thought we might have 15 years before we had to replace anything. Starting about the ten year point (and this is in a NEW house, mind you), we replaced a furnace fan, two attic fans, a dishwasher, washer and drier, and ice cube maker, an air conditioner, and the heating coil on the second drier. Oh...and a roof. Like bogie....I have the feeling the list is bigger, but I don't want to dig any deeper into this subject.

When you start out with everything new, it all starts going bad at the same time. So your replacements all seem to come at the same time.

Isn't being a homeowner just grand??

I hope the new steam cleaner holds up longer than five years! Oh...and I want pictures of the launch!


Sorry Buffy, no pictures as the thing went flying into the dumpster at the dump - maybe next time.

Cop Car

We are at the six-year point and have had a few plumbing problems. We've also had to replace a backup sump pump battery & control system and have had several nails popping out about 1/4" in the rough cedar siding at the back side of the house--that faces southeast and receives much sunlight. There is also a bad GFI electrical outlet near the kitchen sink; but, as it isn't in a position that would get much use, anyway, Hunky Husband has probably forgotten that he needs to check it out/replace it. Oh! And the control system for the irrigation system lasted only three seasons. (Which augers the failure of the new one this coming season?) And, dear me, I nearly forgot that at the four-year mark we had to replace the sliding glass door unit in the breakfast room due to failure of the lamination of the exterior armor. (The cost of the replacement door unit was zero, but we paid for finishing the interior surfaces and for the installation--and it took nine months to get the replacement door unit!)


This too was a new house. If I went back for more than a couple of years, I could bore you to death with the list. We are on our 2nd new refrigerator (doesn't count the used one we started with), ditto for the freezer. This is the 4th vacuum (or is it 5?), the 3rd steam cleaner, the 2nd roof, we put up an attached greenhouse then tore it down (before it fell down). Slider and windows replaced etc etc.

I don't even want to get started on what is trashed now and needs replaced!

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