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December 04, 2005


Cop Car

You and WS really treat your birds well. Great! I'm glad that we needn't cope with bears in our bird feeding. Your dad filled the feeders for the first time this season, late yesterday. Just checked and it appears that they've not yet been discovered. We had a "No-No" feeder for a short while a couple of years ago. The sunflower seeds came out of it like a sieve, and the raccoons just shook the seeds out. How do you keep the seed from falling out? If it's still around, I'll ship it to you sometime--when there is something else to be mailed.


This is the first no-no feeder I've ever had. I have no idea about the seed being shaken out.


We do well with the squirrel-proof feeder, but an occasional crop of raccoons will figure out how to hang from one side while they shovel seed into their mouths from the other side. This year's marauders don't seem to have figured it out yet, so the seed lasts us a couple of days.

We haven't had any luck with the No-No feeders. The raccoons can disable them in a hearbeat.

Cop Car

Buffy--I had forgotten, but you are correct. Our racoons just opened the door at the top and dived in, too.

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