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December 27, 2005



So glad you had a peaceful and happy Christmas. We did too ... Best wishes for the New Year!


It sounds like you had a lovely laid back day, one I would haved liked to have myself. We had the morning at home, and then traveled to Dear Husband's daughter's for the afternoon. We might have gotten home a bit sooner, but the GUYS were invested in the Bear's game.

Is the generator a back up for the house, or are you going to provide heat for the dogs??

Wichi Dude

Sounds like you had a great day. And we loved Robots as well. LMAO BTW, try supergluttumus for that ass problem.


Buffy - funny lady, it will eventually be backup for the house (fridge and freezer are the important ones - hot water would be nice). Additionally, it is better for WS to run his welder off of a generator instead of house current - a generator has more consistant output (or something like that)..

WD - Supergluttumus, can I find that at the local hardware store or do I have to go to a hobby shop?

Cop Car

It's in the hardware store next to the unobtainium.

Wichi Dude

Cop Car certainly knows where the good is on the shelves. I've been looking for unobtainium for a while.

I also think you can find the Supergluttumus at your local body shop. Not too sure about that though.

Cop Car

WD--You are so bad!

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