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November 16, 2005


Cop Car

You're right! I laughed all the way through it (after, as you say, the first line!)


Watch out Donald Trump! You've got a head for business and money. You'll make it rich some day, even if you haven't figured out how yet. A supreme individualist, you shouldn't get stuck in a corporate job. Instead, make your own way - so that you can be the boss.

Your strength: Your undying determination
Your weakness: You require an opulent lifestyle
Your power color: Plum
Your power symbol: Dollar sign
Your power month: August

I like Plum, but I don't think I require an opulent lifestyle....actually, the reverse is more likely. I'm offended by the power symbol....what the heck is a power symbol, anyway, and I HATE August!

You gotta find something better to do with your time than suck me into these goofy tests.

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