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November 01, 2005


Cop Car

Has something voided the warranty on the de-humidifier? I'm puzzled at your trying to fix it. Relieved to read about the tarp installation, confirming my faith in your and WS's intelligence! Good luck. With all of the wood stacking, you should be ready to step into the prize-fighting ring.


Well that would be the part that's not so easy. They don't seem to have a return policy, even though it is under warrantee. It seems I have to get it fixed and they will pay for it (or at least as far as I can determine). Anyway, it may be something as simple as a reset button, that in my ignorance I don't know about - no use returning it for something like that.

Cop Car

Ooh--that would be embarrassing to miss a breaker re-set, wouldn't it? Good luck.

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