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November 16, 2005



Thanks for the link! I thought it was something like brownies too until I read the directions.

Cop Car

No fair! No fair! You are too picking on your mother! Besides, my instructions on Cop Car's Chow don't read like that. *sniffling*

Seriously, no engineer would have guessed brownies, folks. Brownies don't get extruded nor does one bake brownies until they are golden brown (unless they are blonde brownies!) Of course, I wouldn't extrude the actual product, either. Ingredient 6 was the tip-off as to what we were making, having already read through the first 5 ingredients. I would quibble with the way Ingredient 9 is presented. The form of it should be stated! (Without a quibble, people wouldn't believe that I am a genuine engineer.)


The extrusion would have been the tip-off, if I had read that far (but really, that would have confused me because who in the heck extrudes the stuff anyway?)


Of course your recipes don't read like that - they are all from someone else (Someone Else's Biscuit, Matt's Fetticcini, Grandmother H's Applebutter etc). They gave you the recipes written in a fashion that normal people understand - LOL!

Cop Car

Tut, tut, Bogie. Logic will get you nowhere with me! If I gave you the recipes as they appear in my hand written cookbook, they would just be lists of ingredients--sometimes with quantities or amounts. As an engineer, I believe that if I can't figure out what to do with the ingredients, I don't really deserve to make the dish.


I was following along, and thought I had it figured out, but the "de-encapsulated legume meats" threw me. I missed the "de" part of it, so I was left thinking about peas and beans, wondering who the heck combines chocolate, eggs and peas.


Maybe some desparate mother who's child won't eat peas?

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