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November 17, 2005


Cop Car

I think that the obsolescences are randomly assigned. I came out to be Gregg Shorthand the first time (which description I didn't think went with my answers.) Took the quiz again and deliberately gave an answer to each and every question that differed from my first answer. Yup, it gave me Gregg Shorthand, again. Go figure.


Good God, that's a scrambled discription! And interest in the "grotesque and the profane" is just a real cozy little personality twist to lay on you.

I've had Latin, and like being in the military, I tend to think it makes you a better person! lol But interest in the grotesque?? A lot of this doesn't sound like you.


Hah! I'm Gregg Shorthand, too. Cop Car, this test is for someone who is 20.


Buffy - Maybe I have a secret life you don't know about.

Cop Car - Never try to fool a test, even totally random answers may point to the truth, since the answers aren't usually truly "random".

Cop Car


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