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November 25, 2005


Cop Car

And here I thought that I was doing well to get caught up on reading my (paper) mail, local newspapers, New Yorkers, and Smithsonians! You and Buffy are so much more energetic than ever I was. In the mail (and it had probably been waiting for nearly one week) was the pathology report on the lesion that I had removed. It was a basal cell carcinoma--as suspected. Both the Physician's Assistant (whom I had seen and who had done the surgery) and her boss physician signed the letter saying that the treatment provided should be sufficient and that they wanted me to come in for examination in 6 months. (Before leaving the office I had scheduled a May 9, 2006 appointment--to prevent procrastination.)


i am trying now to contact people who's blogs i ised to hear about from billy, my husband. i have been really depressed for a while and stopped writing my own but am trying to get back into it.
Thing is in this time one of the worst things that could possibly happen has. unbeknown to me bill has been having an affair with maria in mexico and he has now gone over there to be with her. i came home from work on 16 nov to find a letter telling me he was gone. for a few days i was frantic as i thought he was depressed and i worried what he might do. we discovered quite by chance where he'd gone and therefore who he was with and it devastated us even more. Since then my children have discovered his new blog and were plummetted to new depths of low.
i hope it will be okay for me to read your blog again and maybe remember the man i used to know rather than the monster he seems to have become because we don't recognise anything of him in the person we have located.


I have written you an email in response - I am so sorry!


i hadn't realised it was so cold there already bogie. it's taken a nose dive here too but not to that extent!


Actually, our first snow seems to be a bit late. A lot of times our trick-or-treaters are doing their thing in the snow.

It's only fair that winter is late since summer took forever to get here this year!

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