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September 20, 2005



Football is wasted on me.....I confess that I didn't watch, but I wanted to tell you that I plan to drag Dear Husband over to the computer to see your spelling of the old Peanuts shout of frustration. We named the boat ARRGH! but HE sent in the paperwork. It came back ARR!! I suspect that he wanted a three letter name that would fit on caps and shirts, using the international flag symbols.

I want him to see all those GGGGGGGGGs and HHHHHHHs!


I've used that expression sparingly since finding your blog (don't want to be sued for using your name - LOL). But it really does show the high level of frustration that I was feeling.


Oh, don't hold back! Be my guest. Use it all you like! I don't have a copyright on the word, and I don't mind seeing it pop up in other places.

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