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September 24, 2005


Cop Car

We had a bumper crop of volunteer cantaloupe (and a couple of tiny watermelons), this year. The critters have really enjoyed them!

BTW: As I went to the sliding glass door to let in Jelly, this morning, I heard an odd sound overhead and huge, winged shapes started descending into our back yard--the flock of turkey that we've been watching for the last several evenings! I assume that they roosted on our roof last night as they were in glide mode, descending. To quote your father, when I told him about the turkey: "Oh, great! Not only do we have poop on the front porch [from the nesting barn swallows], but poop on the roof, as well!" I need to clean up the front porch, and intended to do that while HH was in Alabama/Texas. I hadn't counted on being kept fully occupied by the American Red Cross.

We've been receiving some evacuees from Hurricane Rita. I believe that we set up a mass shelter, last night. Although the case workers were given the weekend off, I am going in today to continue to input our cases into the national database. It's too bad that we didn't get set up to do this prior to starting Hurricane Katrina case work--we could have prevented a some double and triple dipping by some of the clients that we saw. Sadly, horrific events, while bringing out the best in the vast majority of people, bring out the greed in too large a percentage.


Lookied yesterday, and the "melons" turn out to be some sort of squash (I think). There is a third one starting up too.

We've had chickens roost on the shed roof, but never turkeys on the house. I can imagine that HH was thrilled.


Oh Lord....please don't tell me that's what will visit us next! I can see it now. We just get rid of the raccoons and the turkeys move in. NOT on my new roof, you don't!

Bogie, I commiserate with you about the drought. I quit watering in August. It was just too much to deal with. My lawn is like yours, mostly crabgrass and weeds. We'll have to try to rebuild it next spring. I've kept the container garden and the herb garden going, but I've let the herbs go to flower.


We got a little over 1/2" of rain from the drizzle and showers we had Sunday and Monday, so that helps a little.

Cop Car

Stop maligning our turkey. They are cute!

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