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August 07, 2005


Cop Car

Where did I fail as a mother? (Don't answer that! I'm happier in my ignorance!)


Let's see....I think we see about one movie a year, maybe two in an unusual year. We'd rather wait to see movies on cable or DVD, rather than paying theater prices.

I haven't bought a purse in several years, and most likely won't need to for some time.

Clothes, well, I gave in and bought some summer clothes this year. You probably need to take in all of yours after digging out the walk way!


Cop Car - I think you failed when you put books into my hands! Even if WS has the TV on, I am more likely to be reading a magazine (working on Discover Magazine now) or a book than watching the tube.

Buffy - We rarely have 2 hours to put together to see a movie. I taped a vampire movie off the Sci-Fi channel a couple of weeks ago and we've watched 45 minutes of it. I figure in another 2-3 weeks, we'll watch some more of it. Summer time we are just so darned busy that getting dinner in before we go to bed is a challenge!

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