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August 27, 2005


Cop Car

*deep breath in* Ahhhhh....


I'm interested in your post because we are browsing through the catalog from "The Lily Garden," trying to choose lilies for next year's garden.

Go to www.thelilygarden.com and check out these lilies:

"White Merostar" Oriental, 3 feet tall, icy white, fragrant.

"Catherine the Great" an Oriental/Trumpet hybrid, 4-6 feet tall, White or yellow depending on sunlight, and is one of the most fragrant in the catalog.

"Fanfare" Trumpet, 3-4 feet tall, white with golden yellow centers, very fragrant

"Heirloom Lace" Asiatic, 4-5 feet tall, white, very fragrant

See if any of those look like what you have. I'm eager to see the pictures


Buffy - I've looked at that website before, but tried them again and still no luck. The link I hve up is to the website that I got the lillies from to begin with, but I don't see them there. They have turned into a yellow flower, but with white on the outside of the petals (not the edges - the actual petal itself is white on the outside and yellow on the inside).

Anyway, they can be smelled at the front door (and I've caught a wiff or two in the living room) which is about 60 feet away!

Cop Car

I'm jealous that you can have doors/windows open in the summer.


Cop Car - don't be jealous, we don't have a choice. Remember, we don't have airconditioning and we only ever had airconditioning one summer over on E. 8th (that was in only one room - the living room as I recall).

The basement, which stays at a pretty constant 78 degrees during the summer is the closest thing to airconditioning we have.

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