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July 29, 2005


Cop Car

OMG. How beautiful and what hard work. You do such a beautiful job of envisioning what you want and building/planting it. Great going! Please pass my admiration along to your Wonderful Spouse.

P.S. When are you two going to take a few weeks to come design and build some plantings for us? I'm lacking in the envisioning part--and in the hard work part; but I get to enjoy looking at yours (mostly, by photos, unfortunately!)


Wowwwwwww....GREAT Pictures! I love the shot with the timbers and ferns and rocks mixed together. Do you suppose you could stop by here on the way to Cop Car's? I could use a little design help, too!

Cop Car

Buffy--I had the same reaction to the first photo. Then I learned that it was the "before" shot. If mine looked that good, it would stay that way for life!


Planning, you think we plan things like this out? We planned the patio, then realized that the large rock (in that 1st picture) was going to come sliding down onto the patio unless we did some reinforcement work (everything around here slides - the hill out back is a lot closer than it used to be).

Actually, I'm sure WS put in some planning - I just kind of pointed and said, "This far out if you expect me to plant sstuff in there." He told me what his two ideas were, I picked one, and off to the races he went.


The ferns and the rocks looked pretty good, and would have stayed that way if we weren't building the patio (see previous comment I left). Feer not, the ferns and rocks are still there - the ferns were just trimmed back a bit at the time the pic was taken (I've tried to kill them off before, but that corner is theirs and they proved it a long time ago!).

I'm beginning to think we need to go into the landscape business (not the mow and trim and mulch stuff - but the design and implementation). That way we could afford to do everything we want to do to our yard!

Buffy - I've seen pictures of your yard, and I don't believe for a minute that you need any kind of design help! Cop Car, on the other hand . . . (LOL).

Cop Car

It's not nice to pick on us artistically impaired people, Bogie. Your dad and I were missed when artistic talents were passed out. You are correct about Buffy, though. Her gardens are well thought-out and well implemented. What she needs is a strong back or two to do her bidding. (I would ask that you loan her WS, but her nephews seem to be doing a good job for her.)


I missed out on artistic talent too, however, if you throw enough flowers at it, it looks like you have some!

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