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July 28, 2005


Cop Car

I'm so sorry that Indy hasn't returned, Bogie. This is really a tough period--not quite having given up hope, but....


Heard from another neighbor, whose sheep, chickens and dog I take care of. Her chicken coop has been raided the last week or so (and they have a sturdy coop/shed). It has happened at night and she is now down to one chicken. The raids have happened on nights that Tory and Shadow have opted to come inside for the night.

She also said that there were a bunch of "lost" pets in the Deering/Hillsboro/Bennington area. Apparently something is eating good in the neighborhood!

Cop Car



That makes me want to keep Ed (Edwin Scissorhands) inside! I'm so sorry that Indy is one of the missing, Bogie.

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