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July 22, 2005


Cop Car

Has Indy stayed out this long, before? Hope your baby shows up soon!

Cop Car

P.S. Our baby (Jelly) earned her keep a couple of days ago. I heard a noise in the garage and, in a quick look around, saw nothing. Later, I found Jelly on the bottom landing of the garage steps--with a half-eaten mouse. Fortunately, the mouse was completely gone by the next time I looked. (Oohh--She needs the protein and fat!) Our barn swallows have hatched another batch. So, far, we've only seen two little heads. I hope there are more. Last year's two hatchings of five each have raised my expectations. First hatching, this year, was only four.


They always seem to find their way back home and I hope she does—soon. Have you looked in neighboring garages, outbuildings, any places she could have been inadvertently locked in? In my old neighborhood, I used to find "missing" cats in my next-door neighbor's locked porch and assorted outbuildings. A prayer to St. Francis is in order here!

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