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July 04, 2005


Cop Car

Congratulations on getting so much done before Jim tempted you into riding. When I jumped out of bed, yesterday morning, I threw on my gardening clothes and hied myself down to Dillon's to pick up 10 bags of mulch. They were out of cedar mulch; but, it is so convenient not to have to drive several miles to get mulch at all that I settled for cypress. As soon as I got the mulch out of the car, the skies started sprinkling, so I came in for a few minutes.

Nearly as soon as I got inside, it quit sprinkling, so I went outside to start spreading Wall Street Journals on the area that I had re-spaded the night before (had spaded that section of the side yard about 4-6 weeks ago, for the first time.) It started sprinkling. I came in. It quit. After a couple more cycles of this, I decided that I needed a shower, anyway, and went back to work--heedless of the sprinkling. The sprinkling turned into real rain. I got soaked, but I finished spreading several layers of newspaper, covering the newspaper with 6 bags of mulch, and installing 3 more concrete stepping stones through the middle before coming in. Between courses of newspaper/mulch, I am leaving about a 10-inch space into which I am throwing veggie seeds (turnip greens, etc.) I don't expect to gather much produce from the side yard this year; but, in coming years, that yard will be my produce garden.

The three tomato plants have luscious-looking fruit on them. Now, if they will just ripen. The fruit and the tomato plants should benefit from sprawling on newspaper/mulch, rather than dirt.

Last night, about the time that I would normally have returned to the gardening, we got real rain. HH emptied 1.5" from the gage before he went to bed at midnight. Don't know how much he emptied this morning, but it was a bunch. I'm guessing that we got a total of about 3".


Torture me with your tomatoes why don't ya? My tomato plants have a total of 1 tomato between the bunch of them.

Heard on the news that you guys had nasty thunderstorms roll thru. Glad tyou didn't float away though!

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