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June 24, 2005


Wichi Dude

Answer on the pecan question: no. Still haven't figured out where they got off to. Just as long as they aren't attracting bugs or anything nasty like that. I'd still like to find out what happened to them though. Beats worrying about finding them by smell later.


Never found the pecans. We know you STOLE them. Out of all the things to steal, pecans! That is a federal offense in Kansas, ya know.


Ya know CK, we're having a real pecan shortage up here so some people will do anything (like fly down to Kansas and steal their relative's pecans) to get some!


I know you people are just messing with me! As I was talking to WD last night about just this issue, I realized that I had been working on boxing some items in CK's old room in the basement about that same time. I'm going to rummage around downstairs and see if I can come up with the darn pecans. Otherwise, I'm just sticking to my story that my loving family hid them from me just to see if they could drive me crazy!


And it's woorking!

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