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May 30, 2005


Cop Car

You and WS were great "guests", Bogie, following the family tradition of leaving the place cleaner than you found it. The cherries are almost ripe enough to eat and I picked a pint or two of strawberries, today. I put the daffodils in all the wrong places (and probably planted them too deep for Kansas), so I should follow your lead in ordering some for fall planting--doing a better job, this time.
Enjoy your challenges at work. It won't take but about 30 milliseconds for you to get back into the swing.
P.S. Your dad says that he will take good care of the Smirnoff Ice that was left!


Welcome back! I'm glad to hear the return trip was uneventful.

Your bulb choices are eye-poping. I'll have to show your blog to my mother. She'll be interested in what you chose, especially the Honey Garlic.

I'm conservative. One of my favorite daffs is "Ice Follies." It's the first to bloom and does really well in cooler weather. It's been really prolific in my gardens.


1st challange - actually sleeping before going to work. Went to bed at 10 (should have been 9) and took a good hour to get to sleep. Then I was awake a bit before 3 (should have been 3:45) because of a combination of hot flashes and animal restlessness (dogs and cats, not WS).

I can tell it will be a dandy day!


Buffy - I just highlighted the most colorful or unusual bulbs that I ordered. One of the naturalizing bulbs that I will be getting happens to be "Ice Follies" - so now I know that I made a good choice!

Cop Car

Your Grandmother H liked alliums (your Honey Garlic), but she liked the purple ones. They've never really appealed to me, but this one looks interesting.


I didn't realize it was a type of allium. I am not a fan of the big purple ball type alliums either (but it figures that grandma liked them).

Cop Car

Elegant Friend and I went to a couple of Derby Days events, yesterday: the quilt show and one of the gardens that was open for touring (most of the gardening done by the man of the house--who had a couple of quilts on display at the quilt show!) He had actually spray-painted a bunch of allium heads. I don't know whether it was because they were past their prime or what. I should have asked. His vegetable garden was wonderful! The corn was about 3 feet high, the beans were lush, and everything was beautiful.

The woman of the house had "fenced" some of the flower beds using dinner plates implanted (on edge) around the beds. It turns out that I had seen her at the Disabled American Veteran's thrift store on East Central a few months ago when she was buying the plates. I had asked her what she was planning to do with the odd assortment of plates that she was picking out. I just had not learned that she lived in Derby.

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